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Photo Tour

Welcome to High Feather Ranch’s photo gallery. All of the pictures you are going to see are taken here at the Ranch. Some are taken by Guests, some are my own and some were taken by professionals. With such a beautiful subject, Mother Nature makes it fairly easy to make great pictures!
You’ll also see images of watercolors and black and white photography which were all done by Guests here at the Ranch. The aerial photographs were taken by a professional, Delmar Buhrman, email, from his very adorable ultralight, which closely resembles a dragonfly, during what we have come to call “the flyover weekend” here at the Ranch. My very heartfelt thanks to Delmar, my Guests, Adam Gibbons and the professional photographers, and Digital Endeavors for finding the beauty and capturing the beauty, as best anyone can, on film, in bits and bytes and by hand.
Interior Views
Exterior Views